Pot-Luck Lunch on 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah

Please read the instructions below carefully, then go to the link at the bottom of the page to RSVP and sign up to bring something.

When:  Tuesday, October 1, following services

Where:  In the parlor and on the back lawn at the Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church.

What to Bring:  When you RSVP using the link below, you’ll see a list of what’s needed. CSH will provide the main course.  Lunch will be fish/dairy, and kashrut will be observed.

  • No meat products of any kind (even with kosher certification), nor any kind of shellfish or un-kosher fish, may be used.
  • All packaged and processed items (including those used in your own cooking) must have a kosher certification.
  • Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, nuts, spices, and single-ingredient items like milk, sugar, honey, olive or vegetable oil, and flour do not need certification.
  • Seltzer, bottled water and soda need not be marked kosher.

If you’re not sure, ask! Just email Stacy Menzer

How Much to Bring: Each item on the sign-up list has a quantity. A couple or single person should sign up for 1 item. If your party is larger than 2, please sign up for an additional item for every 1-2 additional people joining us.

How to Bring: Please bring your dish plated and ready to serve, with any necessary serving pieces. When you arrive for Rosh Hashanah, you may drop off your dish in the kitchen in the building behind the church.

Things that can be served at room temperature are ideal. Refrigerator space is limited, so if your dish needs refrigeration, please bring it in a cooler with ice packs if at all possible. Oven space is also limited, so other than quiches and kugels, please try to bring food that doesn’t need warming.

To assist those with food allergies, please write the ingredients on an index card to put next to your dish, with your name (so people can tell you how delicious it is, ask for the recipe, or ask allergy questions).

Plan on bringing home your serving pieces, and any leftovers.

Signing Up:  Click this link to RSVP and register to bring something.