2016 Sound Files

Sample our music:

These are three poems we sing on Rosh Hashanah, in the Musaf service, after the Rabbi’s sermon. The first, from Malkhuyot (Sovereignty) is a very joyful tune we sing congregationally. The second is from the service of Zikronot (Memory), and is much more introspective. The third is from Shofarot (the Shofar). Singing are Rabbis Jan Uhrbach and Michael Boino, with harmonies by Anna Silverman.

We always sing the familiar melody for Avinu Malkeinu, the first track here. On Kol Nidre night, we also sing the second version. The first vocalist is Anna Silverman. Then Rabbis Uhrbach and Boino join in.

This is L’Dor vaDor, which we sing every Shabbat as well, sung beautifully by Anna Silverman:

This is a poem we sing on the evening of Kol Nidre, set to an original melody by Rabbi Michael Boino. Rabbi Boino leads the singing, joined by Rabbi Uhrbach and the congregation on the chorus, and Anna Silverman for the second verse.


Listen to Rabbi Uhrbach’s 2016 Teachings:

Listen to Rabbi Boino’s 2016 Teaching: