CSH is a fully egalitarian, fully participatory synagogue — an “extended family” based on caring, common goals, and mutual respect and responsibility. We share a hunger for that which is essential and true, and an openness to being moved or even transformed. We come to synagogue to sensitize our souls to the holy, to deepen our relationships with each other, ourselves, and God, and to attain a greater measure of sanctity and meaning in our lives.

CSH services are joyful, beautiful, and genuinely prayerful, with opportunities for both song and silence. We are committed to intellectually honest and challenging Torah study, through which we explore life’s most profound and difficult questions. We help families bring Judaism into their homes, and believe that we have a communal responsibility to help our children grow into loving, sensitive, moral and responsible Jewish adults. Adults and children alike in our community learn not only the information and skills they need, they also learn to appreciate the joy, beauty, and meaning of being a Jew.



Rabbi Ed Feld (Sr. Editor) and our own Rabbi Jan Uhrbach (Assoc. Editor). Published by the Rabbinical Assembly of the Conservative Movement.

Listen to Rabbis Feld and Uhrbach in conversation with JTS Chancellor Arnie Eisen about the book:  Open Book Open Heart at JTS