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Read Rabbi Uhrbach’s 2019 High Holy Day Teachings:

  1. RH Eve – Introduction – 613 Mitzvot or 1
  2. RH Day 1 – Seek Me and Live
  3. RH Day 2 (Part A, Intro to Shofar) – Mishpat and Tzedakah
  4. RH Day 2 (Part B, Main Teaching) – Love Kindness, Walk Humbly
  5. Kol Nidre (Part A) – Upright Speech
  6. Kol Nidre (Part B) – We And Our Ancestors Have Sinned
  7. Kol Nidre (Part C) – Speaking and Not Speaking Redux
  8. YK Day – Speaking Truth to Oneself

NEILAH teaching will be posted soon. 
Note:  These are approximate transcriptions of teachings that were intended to be heard, and in order. They build on each other. The main text they reference may be downloaded here.

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