Pesach Information

Passover — our annual journey from slavery to freedom — is once again approaching. Pesah reminds us that freedom is both a blessing and an obligation; it helps us refine our thoughts and deeds to better use our freedom wisely and in the service of the holy.

The Sale of Hametz

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity once again to sell hametz through the synagogue. Click here to fill out the form. In order to be included in the sale, your form must be received by Sunday April 13.

Passover Resources

The Pesah Guide prepared by the Conservative Movement’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards contains helpful information on preparing our homes for Pesah, and what may and may not be eaten during the holiday. You can access it here.

If you are looking to purchase haggadot, we recommend the Feast of Freedom (published by the Rabbinical Assembly), the haggadah published by Rabbi David Silber of Drisha entitled A Passover Haggadah: Go Forth and Learn.   Whenever possible, please buy your haggadat and other books and other Judaica from West Side Judaica on 89th Street and Broadway.  They are a tremendous asset to the Jewish community, and are in need of the community’s support in the face of a significant rent increase.

In addition, several of Rabbi Uhrbach’s prior Passover messages are available here:

“Let all who are hungry come and eat.” If we are blessed with the means of providing a festive meal for ourselves, family and friends, we are obligated to share our blessings with those who have less. Please consider making a donation to Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger, a superb organization dedicated to relieving hunger year-round.